These belts are suitable for vertical transport of materials. CCPL offers special elvator belts with minimum elongation charectoristics; available in various grades, IPM-24, HR, SHR,HOR, Oil resistant and White / Hygenic food grade.

Continental's automated hole punching capabilities provide precise bucket and row spacing, clean tight-fitting bolt holes, and quick delivery. Elevator belts can readily meet all OEM specifications, including: heavy duty black belts, solid woven PVC belts; oil resistant belts; and high temperature belts (rated up to 400°F). Elevator buckets may also be purchased separately (unattached) in large or small quantities.

Speeds and flight pitches are specified to suit the product throughput. Angles of up to 80 degrees can be achieved. These belts can be fitted with or without side skirts. Widths from 100mm up to 1 metre and lengths from 1 metre to 12 metres can be supplied on one drive making it a cost effective choice. Optional Infeed Hoppers and Chutes are available. The Elevator belts come in a variety of materials the main ones being modular belts / plastic belts and Pu Belts which are available with or without flights; they can also be fitted with rubber inserts. They can be supplied for high or very low temperatures. Typical application includes raw food, bread, canning, bottling and general packaging.

Designed to handle the toughest conveying applications, CCPL’s Conveyor Belt Series fulfils the highest national and international standards for tensile strength and wear resistance .